Whether it’s training support to help grow the confidence of your employees or marketing support to ensure that you have the correct product and industry knowledge for your business to grow, we can provide a service that helps.

Product Training

Knowing your product is vital when it comes to increasing sales; having staff with the correct knowledge will mean they can offer advice confidently. We offer training on all products, as well as in-depth training programmes on Wines, Cask & Beer.

Wine Training

Wine is much more enjoyable when it is poured by someone who is knowledgeable and confident. Whilst you don’t need to be a fully qualified wineist, having a working knowledge of wine will give you confidence in the product and will allow you to communicate with your customers.

We offer all kinds of wine training, from the very basics to extensive courses. Whether it’s what region a wine comes from, the different grape varieties available, or how to match certain wines with certain food dishes, we have it covered. This is free of charge and will boost your sales and improve your service. Not only that, but LWC has wine development managers who can help you construct your wine lists, to suit both yours and your customers' needs.

Cask Ale Training

We're also experts in cask ale and we encourage our team to share this expertise. Whether it’s handling the beer in the cask to correctly pouring it into its glass, our dedicated team can visit you on-site and ensure that every pint you serve is of high and consistent quality.

Not only that, but LWC has Cask Ale Coordinators who can help you choose which beers would fit your establishment and suit both yours and your customers' needs.

Cocktail Training

Cocktails are an ever-growing drinks choice and knowing some simple basics can give you the confidence to make a trip to your premises a memorable experience. Our cocktail experts can share with you the secrets of how to expertly handcraft cocktails, whilst also informing you of the best premium spirit and fresh ingredient mixtures that will really get your customers' taste buds tingling.

We can also provide ideas for presentation, which will also catch the eye of other customers, encouraging them to buy more and more.

Marketing Materials

Our internal hub of expert graphic designers can create a vast array of promotional materials for your business.

The design hub can create bespoke drinks menus and wine lists to your specification, meaning you can offer your customers a great range in an elegantly presented document.

They can also design and produce labels for products. Whether it is for your Beers, Wines, Spirits, or Soft Drinks, we have it covered.

Banners, Posters & POS

The creativity running through the design hub also aids them when producing banners, posters & POS materials, for things such as sports events or seasonal promotions.

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