New premium coffee tequila brand promises to fill ongoing UK Patron XO Café gap

New premium coffee tequila brand promises to fill ongoing UK Patron XO Café gap

LWC Drinks

LWC Drinks, the UK’s largest independent drinks wholesaler, is launching Black Gold XO Café, a new premium coffee tequila brand, that promises to fill the ongoing gap left by the discontinuation of Patron XO Café in the UK.


The perfect blend of two of the world’s favourite beverages, coffee, and tequila, Black Gold XO Café has been crafted with a meticulous attention to detail, resulting in a luxurious coffee tequila that is silky smooth, rich, and full-bodied, with a subtle hint of roasted coffee beans and a warm, lingering finish. 


Although Bacardi-owned Patron XO Café was discontinued back in 2021 and reintroduced in the US earlier this month, consumers in the UK continue to express their disappointment for its discontinuation, with the alcohol giant’s social media pages regularly flooded with outcry and calls for its return.


Offering up a similar flavour profile, the same luxury experience, and all at the same price point as Patron XO Café before its discontinuation, Black Gold XO Café is offering consumers the opportunity to reconnect with their favourite tequila experience, both at the bar and at home.


Available now across all LWC depots, Black Gold XO Café (34% ABV) is also already an award-winning brand, having won gold at the 2024 Tequila & Mezcal Masters. The completely unbranded liquid was submitted to the awards ahead of its market launch and was judged purely on taste, and to great acclaim. However, this does not mean the packaging should not be overlooked. With its bold gold, amber and black colourway, and intricate detailing, Black Gold XO Café offers real stand-out of shelf and leads the way with a luxurious aesthetic.


Nic Ponticakis, Spirits Category Manager at LWC Drinks commented: “We are absolutely delighted to be reacquainting coffee tequila fans with their favourite liqueur.

“You just have to look online to see that consumers are continuing to crave this flavour combination but are yet to have their needs fully met. With social media posts and petitions demanding ‘Bring back Café Patron’ we know that there remains a gap in the UK coffee tequila market that needs filling, and with Black Gold XO Café, we are confident that we have done it.

“We also have confidence in where the market is heading, with CGA data showing that coffee-flavoured spirits sales totalled £20.9m in the fourth quarter of 2022, that’s 54% higher than in the same quarter in 2019. And we see this trajectory continuing.

“With the continuing popularity of coffee-based cocktails, like the Espresso Martini, it was important that we created a coffee tequila that would be incredibly delicious both on its own, or as part of a cocktail creation. With its elegant packaging and luxuriously smooth taste profile, Black Gold XO Café is the perfect choice for both these scenarios. We can’t wait to see consumers around the UK elevating their moments of joy with Black Gold XO Café!”


In addition to its stunning aesthetic and flavour profile, Black Gold XO Café also has a number of sustainability credentials, including the use of post-consumer recycled glass for its bottles, a biodegradable closure, and a stopper also made from recycled materials.


Black Gold XO Café is available to both the on and off trade now, via LWC Drinks. Outlets looking to stock Black Gold XO Café should contact their local LWC account manager, or local depot for more information.

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