Business Support

  • Robin Gray

    Robin Gray

  • Ebrahim Mukadam

    Ebrahim Mukadam

    Managing Director
  • Sue Rogan

    Sue Rogan

    Support Centre & National Telesales Manager
  • Martin Graham

    Martin Graham

    Head of WMS & IT Programmers
  • Mike Wallis

    Mike Wallis

    Regional Manager - Manchester, Merseyside, Northampton, Hereford & Stoke
  • Doug Trotman

    Doug Trotman

    Regional Manager - Doncaster, North East, Teesside & Yorkshire
  • Marios Mallouris

    Marios Mallouris

    National Accounts & Regional Manager - London
  • Marcus Warder

    Marcus Warder

    Regional Manager - Wilshire, South West, Eastbourne, Andover & Cornwall
  • Greg Armstrong

    Greg Armstrong

    Regional Manager - Lancashire & Cumbria
  • Martin Hollingsworth

    Martin Hollingsworth

    Head of Commercial
  • Mark Cowen

    Mark Cowen

    Financial Controller
  • Anne Brooks

    Anne Brooks

    Retail Development & Property Manager
  • Andrew Morse

    Andrew Morse

    Property, Cask & Craft Manager
  • Jeff Gorwill

    Jeff Gorwill

    Head of Wholesale
  • Dave Cole

    Dave Cole

    Head of HR
  • Stuart Tinnion

    Stuart Tinnion

    Head of Operations
  • Stephanie Evans

    Stephanie Evans

    General Manager - Hub & Manchester
  • Scott Brady

    Scott Brady

    Depot Manager - Merseyside
  • Nick Middleton

    Nick Middleton

    Depot Manager - Northampton
  • David Jolly

    David Jolly

    Depot Manager - Cornwall
  • Richard Pettit

    Richard Pettit

    Depot Manager - Wiltshire
  • Dale Smith

    Dale Smith

    Depot Manager - Leeds
  • Jason Ruth

    Jason Ruth

    Depot Manager - Eastbourne
  • Adam Fairley

    Adam Fairley

    Depot Manager - Teesside
  • Martin Krzeminski

    Martin Krzeminski

    Depot Manager - London
  • Luke Cadman

    Luke Cadman

    Depot Manager - Leyland
  • Allen Jones

    Allen Jones

    Depot Manager - Doncaster
  • Kyle Parton

    Kyle Parton

    Depot Manager - Hereford


  • Mike Menzies

    Mike Menzies

    National Sales Manager
  • Tim Kemp

    Tim Kemp

    Regional Sales Manager - South West, Cornwall & Wiltshire
  • Michael Atkinson

    Michael Atkinson

    Sales Manager - Teesside
  • Andy Whitehead

    Andy Whitehead

    Sales Manager - North East
  • Andrew Holman

    Andrew Holman

    Sales Manager - Stoke
  • Adele Mason

    Adele Mason

    Sales Manager - Yorkshire
  • Joseph Beveridge

    Joseph Beveridge

    Sales Manager - Doncaster
  • Kirsty McDonald

    Kirsty McDonald

    Sales Manager - Cornwall
  • Neil Armstrong

    Neil Armstrong

    Sales Manager - Wiltshire
  • Simon Martin

    Simon Martin

    Sales Manager - London
  • Steve Wood

    Steve Wood

    Sales Manager - Northampton
  • Stephen Thompson

    Stephen Thompson

    Sales Manager - Lancashire
  • Wolfgang Gower

    Wolfgang Gower

    Sales Manager - Eastbourne
  • Tim Nutter

    Tim Nutter

    Sales Manager - Widnes
  • Phil Bryant

    Phil Bryant

    Sales Manager - Andover
  • Adam Alexander

    Adam Alexander

    Channel Controller, Education, Public Sector & Healthcare
  • Simon Yates

    Simon Yates

    Wholesale Account Manager

Signature Brands

  • Greg Armstrong

    Greg Armstrong

    Brands Lead
  • Nic Ponticakis

    Nic Ponticakis

    Category Manager - Spirits
  • Lee Williams

    Lee Williams

    Category Manager - Beer & Cider
  • Duncan Bryan

    Duncan Bryan

    Category Manager - Softs & Minerals

Beer & Wine

  • Shaun Healy

    Shaun Healy

    Wine Director
  • Sheryl Foster

    Sheryl Foster

    National and Wholesale Wine Controller
  • Frances Bentley

    Frances Bentley

    Wine Buyer
  • Mike Holt

    Mike Holt

    Assistant Wine Buyer
  • Charmain Madrell

    Charmain Madrell

    Regional Wine Development Manager - Kent & East Sussex
  • Marc Halliwell

    Marc Halliwell

    Wine Development Manager - Lancashire
  • Paul Oakley

    Paul Oakley

    Wine Development Manager - North East and Teesside
  • Adrian Snell

    Adrian Snell

    Wine Development Manager - North East
  • Anne McKinlay

    Anne McKinlay

    Wine Development Manager - Hereford
  • Bill Roberts

    Bill Roberts

    Wine Development Manager - Manchester
  • Gemma Halpin

    Gemma Halpin

    Wine Development Manager - Manchester
  • Tim Vercoe

    Tim Vercoe

    Wine Development Manager - Manchester
  • Felicity Wattam

    Felicity Wattam

    Wine Development Manager - Yorkshire
  • Alice Bray

    Alice Bray

    Wine Development Manager - Yorkshire
  • Jake Rennison

    Jake Rennison

    Wine Development Manager - Yorkshire
  • Stuart Shenton

    Stuart Shenton

    Wine Development Manager - North Yorkshire
  • Carl Burdett

    Carl Burdett

    Wine Development Manager - Cornwall
  • Steve Atkinson

    Steve Atkinson

    Wine Development Manager - Eastbourne
  • Caroline Spinette

    Caroline Spinette

    Wine Development Manager - Eastbourne
  • Bridget Farr

    Bridget Farr

    Wine Development Manager - Widnes
  • Rob Richards

    Rob Richards

    Wine Development Manager - Northampton
  • Keiren Townsend

    Keiren Townsend

    Wine Development Manager - Northampton
  • Tom Boydell

    Tom Boydell

    Wine Development Manager - Stoke
  • Andrew Knowles

    Andrew Knowles

    Wine Development Manager - South West
  • Chris Ross

    Chris Ross

    Wine Development Manager - London
  • Tony Byrne

    Tony Byrne

    Wine Development Manager - South West