Business Support

  • Robin Gray

    Robin Gray

    Director - Manchester
  • Ebrahim Mukadam

    Ebrahim Mukadam

    Managing Director - Manchester
  • Ken Getgood

    Ken Getgood

    Regional Manager – South West & Cornwall
  • Andrew Braithwaite

    Andrew Braithwaite

    Regional Manager – Yorkshire/North East
  • Keith Reynolds

    Keith Reynolds

    Regional Manager - Hereford & Birmingham
  • Marios Mallouris

    Marios Mallouris

    Commercial Manager - London
  • Mike Wallis

    Mike Wallis

    Regional Manager - Manchester
  • Sue Rogan

    Sue Rogan

    National Telesales Manager - Manchester
  • Martin Graham

    Martin Graham

    Support Centre Manager - Manchester
  • Martin Hollingsworth

    Martin Hollingsworth

    Commercial Manager - Manchester
  • Andrew Morse

    Andrew Morse

    Property, Cask & Craft Manager - Manchester
  • Jeff Gorwill

    Jeff Gorwill

    Head of Wholesale
  • Anne Brooks

    Anne Brooks

    Estate Manager - Manchester
  • Rachel Dennison

    Rachel Dennison

    Financial Controller
  • Dave Cole

    Dave Cole

    Head of HR
  • Andrew Dawson

    Andrew Dawson

    IT Manager - Manchester
  • Jon Steele

    Jon Steele

    National Account Manager - Manchester
  • Samantha Donohue

    Samantha Donohue

    Purchasing Team Leader - Manchester
  • Laura Hunt

    Laura Hunt

    Design Team Leader - Manchester
  • Camille Easy

    Camille Easy

    Ecommerce Manager - Manchester
  • Hayley Cahill

    Hayley Cahill

    Management Accountant
  • Carole Jones

    Carole Jones

  • Richard Hershon

    Richard Hershon

    Commercial Manager - North West
  • Anne-Marie Ahern

    Anne-Marie Ahern

    Hub Depot Manager - Manchester
  • Stephanie Piggott

    Stephanie Piggott

    Depot Manager - Manchester
  • Scott Brady

    Scott Brady

    Depot Manager - Merseyside
  • Doug Trotman

    Doug Trotman

    Depot Manager - North East
  • Adam Alexander

    Adam Alexander

    Depot Manager - Teesside
  • Jon Jackson

    Jon Jackson

    Depot Manager - Birmingham
  • Nick Middleton

    Nick Middleton

    Depot Manager - Northampton
  • Jayne Middleton

    Jayne Middleton

    Depot Manager - Northampton
  • David Jolly

    David Jolly

    Depot Manager - Cornwall
  • Richard Pettit

    Richard Pettit

    Depot Manager - Hereford
  • Jo Barlow

    Jo Barlow

    Group Credit Manager


  • Lee Williams

    Lee Williams

    Depot Sales Manager - Manchester, Yorkshire
  • Janette Mckenna-Morse

    Janette Mckenna-Morse

    Sales Manager - Lancashire
  • Adam Alexander

    Adam Alexander

    Depot Sales Manager - Teesside
  • Andy Whitehead

    Andy Whitehead

    Depot Sales Manager - North East
  • Andrew Holman

    Andrew Holman

    Depot Sales Manager - Birmingham, Stoke
  • Alan Wright

    Alan Wright

    Depot Sales Manager - Merseyside, Lancashire
  • Richard Thornton

    Richard Thornton

    Sales Manager - Northampton
  • Nigel Jolly

    Nigel Jolly

    Depot Sales Manager - South West, Cornwall


  • Stuart Tinnion

    Stuart Tinnion

    National Operations Manager
  • Simon Murray

    Simon Murray

    Depot Distribution Manager - Stoke
  • Barrie Peters

    Barrie Peters

    Stock Auditor
  • Oliver Saparamadu

    Oliver Saparamadu

    Group Inventory Manager
  • Dave Barnes

    Dave Barnes

    Fleet Manager - Manchester
  • Tom Hibbert

    Tom Hibbert

    Health & Safety Officer
  • Damien Greenhalgh

    Damien Greenhalgh

    Depot Distribution Manager - Merseyside
  • Steve Cahill

    Steve Cahill

    Depot Distribution Manager - Lancashire
  • Richard Hazelgrave

    Richard Hazelgrave

    Depot Distribution Manager - Teesside
  • Tyrone Burton

    Tyrone Burton

    Depot Distribution Manager - Hereford
  • Dale Smith

    Dale Smith

    Depot Distribution Manager - Yorkshire
  • John Eccleston

    John Eccleston

    Hub Depot Distribution Manager - Manchester

Signature Brands

  • Nic Ponticakis

    Nic Ponticakis

    Brands Manager - Manchester
  • Duncan Bryan

    Duncan Bryan

    Brands Development Manager - South West & Cornwall
  • Stephanie McShane

    Stephanie McShane

    Brands Development Manager - North East, Teesside, Yorkshire
  • Faruque Golam

    Faruque Golam

    Brand Ambassador - Manchester

Beer & Wine

  • Shaun Healy

    Shaun Healy

    Wine Director
  • Sheryl Foster

    Sheryl Foster

    National Accounts & Product Development
  • Marc Halliwell

    Marc Halliwell

    Wine Development Manager - Merseyside, Lancashire
  • Adrian Snell

    Adrian Snell

    Wine Development Manager - North East
  • Anne McKinlay

    Anne McKinlay

    Wine Development Manager - Birmingham, Hereford
  • Geoff Burns

    Geoff Burns

    Wine Development Manager - Northamptonshire
  • Michael Atkinson

    Michael Atkinson

    Wine Development Manager - North East
  • Bill Roberts

    Bill Roberts

    Wine Development Manager - Manchester, Yorkshire
  • Carl Burdett

    Carl Burdett

    Wine Development Manager - Cornwall
  • Marvin Minaldi

    Marvin Minaldi

    Brand Ambassador - London