With the wide scale re-opening of the on-trade underway and the number of new claims for duty recovery reducing, a selection of brewers have provided updated information regarding their deadlines for new claims.

For all of the latest updates from Return Your Beer click here

Please see table of brewers with updates below:

Brewer Deadline for new claim submissions
Adnams August 31st 2020
Asahi August 31st 2020
Beavertown Remain open for submissions
Blacksheep August 31st 2020
Brewdog August 31st 2020
Budweiser Remain open for submissions
Budvar Remain open for submissions
Camden Town Remain open for submissions
Camerons Remain open for submissions
Carlsberg August 31st 2020
Inedit Damm August 31st 2020
Robinsons Brewery Remain open for submissions
Fullers August 31st 2020
Harvey & Son Remain open for submissions
Healeys Cyder Remain open for submissions
Heineken Remain open for submissions
Innis and Gunn Remain open for submissions
J W Lees Remain open for submissions
Kingfisher Remain open for submissions
Kopparberg Remain open for submissions
Marstons August 31st 2020
Molson Coors August 31st 2020
Ossett Brewery Company July 31st 2020
S A Brain Remain open for submissions
St Austell Brewing September 30th 2020
Timothy Taylor Remain open for submissions
Wadworth August 31st 2020
Westons Cider September 30th 2020



From the end of July in England, mid-August in Scotland and end of August in Wales, it will no longer be possible to contact sewerage companies directly (like United Utilities or Scottish Water) to ask for permission to destroy beer and cider in cellars. If you have not yet applied for permission to destroy your out of date beer or cider in cellar, please do this as soon as possible to avoid extra complications and costs. Click here to read the full communication and customer adivce from Heineken. This advice will still apply to the destruction of beer from other brewers.

More Information

For Destruction of Beer on Site Please visit www.returnyourbeer.co.uk

For Guinness and other Diageo products please visit:


Frequently Asked Questions:


If your beer for destruction is not listed please contact your local depot for guidance


YOU MUST CONTACT YOUR LOCAL WATER AUTHORITY BEFORE ANY DESTRUCTION ON SITE.  Who is my water Company?  https://www.ofwat.gov.uk/contact-companies/


Re-stocking with fresh kegs

Until Major Brewers can deliver fresh Kegs into wholesale channel estimated 4th July, LWC Drinks has fresh premium kegs from the continent in all 14 of its depots, with a fleet of vehicles on the road ready to deliver.

LWC Drinks can deliver the following world-class authentic beers direct to your outlet:


  • Brewed since 1904 in Andalucia, Spain, Cruzcampo is Spain’s bestselling draught beer.
  • Number one selling beer in Andalucia.
  • Vegan friendly.
  • 700 million glasses sold every year.
  • Available in two formats: Cruzcampo Especial on draught and Cruzcampo Grand Reserva in bottles.

Birra Morena

  • Brewed in Basilicata, Italy by the Tarricone Family
  • One of the few independent Italian brewers left
  • Available in both 30L and 50L kegs and bottles (Classica, Oro & Celtica)
  • Brewed with 100% malted grain for a more sophisticated taste
  • Premium alternative to Peroni and Moretti


  • A premium lager beer, Dortmunder originated in the industrial city of Dortmund, Germany. Brewed by Dortmunder Union in 1873, this light golden beer became very popular with the workers of the industrial movement and was responsible for Dortmunder Union becoming Germany's largest Brewery. A worthy beer for its hard working patrons.
  • Brewed according to The German Purity Order (‘Nothing other than barley, hops and water be used‘)
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Available in two strengths: Union Pils – 4.8% ABV & Union Vier – 4% ABV


  • Brewed in the Czech Republic ‘By the People, for the People’
  • Brewed using soft artesian water drawn from Budweiser-Budvar’s own glacial lake, 300mtrs below the brewery
  • Brewed using three kinds of Moravian malt; pale, munich and caramel and two varieties of hops;  Agnus for the bitterness and hole cone red bine Saaz hops for the aromas
  • The fermentation process takes 11 days and then the beer is lagered for a further 30 days = A total of 41 day


If you’d like to order a fresh supply of any of the above, please contact your local depot today: https://www.lwc-drinks.co.uk/contact/



Returnyourbeer.co.uk is a platform through which kegs for all major brewers (excluding Diageo) can be registered in order to claim credit back for unsaleable kegs.

You must register at the above web address in advance of processing a claim for beer destruction.

This is where LWC Drinks can help you! Rather than register under multiple brewers, if customers register LWC Drinks as their route to market/supplier, LWC Drinks will provide full credit for all unsaleable kegs once claim is accepted by the brand owner. We will also collect your empty kegs from site and deliver fresh stock when it becomes available.

WWW.RETURNYOURBEER.CO.UK will allow you to credit for the following:

  • Full credit/replacement for full and un-broached kegs
  • Duty on part-full kegs where accurate record of volume is included
  • No credit or duty on part-full casks given the difficulty in proving non-adulteration – outlets can either destroy in cellar or return on dray

Before you register, make sure you have:

  • Device to photograph your kegs
  • Delivery details for your kegs
  • LWC Account number – you can find this on your invoice
  • Keg details (brand, size, code, best before date)
  • Identify the number of taps at your location for each brand
  • Contact your water provider to see if there are any restrictions



Supplemental Guide to Destruction of Beer in Cellars for Pub Staff

During the COVID-19 epidemic the normal rules for destruction of un-merchantable beer (ullage) have been relaxed by HMRC to allow pub staff to act as the authorised company representative for a brewer to destroy beer in order that alcohol duty can be recovered.

In the case of beer casks the liquid contents can be emptied directly from the container. However, unless pub staff are trained in the use of specialist equipment expressly intended for the purpose of directly decanting beer from a pressurised keg, the only way to safely dispose of keg beer is through the dispense system. Under no circumstances should attempts be made to access the keg via any other means i.e. by attempts to remove the safety spear.

In order that HMRC are satisfied that beer has been destroyed correctly and that duty can be legally reclaimed the following conditions must be met:

1. Pub Staff Must:

  • Have verifiable permission from the brewer that their beer can be destroyed to include:
    • Name and style of the beer
    • Gyle or batch number
    • Strength of the beer
    • Container type and number to be destroyed


  • Keep the following records:
    • Total volume of beer emptied from each container destroyed
    • Strength of each beer
    • The time, date and location (pub name & address) of where beer was destroyed
    • The name and position of the person who undertook the destruction, and confirmation they were so authorised.
    • Evidence of the process of destruction (stock control records or digital evidence)
      • Digital evidence i.e. pictures should be date and time stamped where possible
      • Ensure files sizes are as small as possible or use cloud-based file sharing systems (DropBox)


2. Once Permission Has Been Granted and Before Destroying Beer You Must:

  • Contact the water retailer for your pub to understand any restrictions of putting large volumes of beer to drain
    • If waste from a pub feeds an on-site or local water treatment plant it will be necessary to contact your local Environment Agency office to understand whether it is possible to destroy beer.


3. Once Beer has been Destroyed You Must:

  • Complete a Self-Certification Declaration Form (Appendix Two of Full Guide)
    • You must keep a record of this for yourself, e.g. save the email you submit to your supplier


Please note that it is the responsibility of every outlet to register your details, without this you will not be able to recover any duty. 


We hope you remain well, and we look forward to speaking again soon. 

LWC Drinks