The Rum Renaissance: Standards have changed, have you?

The Rum Renaissance: Standards have changed, have you?

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We’ve been talking about it for years, letting it simmer away in the background under gin’s ever supreme reign, but – at long last – we can finally say it’s here; The Rum Renaissance is upon us.

According to data collected by CGA’s On Premise & Sales Tracking Service, the rum category was worth more than £420m over the 12 months leading to October 2021, and now represents 12.3% of total spirits value share.  The WSTA also crowned rum the ‘drink of lockdown’ with the spirit enjoying the biggest growth across all spirits during the period.

But what is driving this growth? And what should operators being doing now to maximise on the opportunity presented by the rum renaissance?


Re-evaluate your offering

Although standard rum continues to remain the backbone of rum category sales, premium and spiced variants are actually the ones to watch in terms of key category drivers.

According to CGA, Spiced rum has now become the largest of all subcategories, making up well over half of rum’s value share. This is thanks to a boom in new brands coming to market, targeting and recruiting a younger consumer with unusual, quirky and fruit-flavoured expressions.

Premium rums are also stepping into the limelight, with premium brands up 60% versus two years ago. In what appears to be an effect of the pandemic, consumers are seemingly much more willing to treat themselves, seeking out better quality drinks which come at a higher price point.

What the data is telling us is now is the time to stop and take stock – quite literally – of your current rum offering and re-evaluate. Do you need to diversify to include a couple more spiced rums? Or perhaps you need to trade up and add a few more premium rums in?

Thankfully there is one brand that delivers the full package; a range of spiced and premium rums that don’t compromise on quality, flavour or value for money. Old J Spiced Rum offers seven expressions; the original Spiced, Cherry, Pineapple, Silver, Dark, Gold and Tiki Fire, and provides something for everyone.


Don’t forget your mixers

Just as a good G&T is only as good as the tonic it is served with, the same applies to rum. A good rum deserves a good mixer.

Lockdown was a big driver for experimentation, with consumers enjoying experimenting with different spirits and flavours at home. This experimentation brought with it a certain level of education and new consumer awareness when it comes to spirit pairing.

Gone are the days where the only mixer for rum was Coke. Ginger Ale or Ginger Beer is now second in the queue when it comes to looking for the perfect partner to serve with rum, and it’s easy to see why. Marlish Waters has just launched a range of sustainably produced, low-calorie premium tonics and mixers, which includes a 200ml Ginger Ale – Which we recommend pairing with Old J Dark for the perfect premium serve.


Don’t forget: National Rum Day 16th August

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