The ‘Can Can’

The ‘Can Can’


It’s only a few short years ago that you would never have seen your venue stocking a canned version of your beer range, but the recent interest has seen the demand rocket, and brands are more than happy to oblige.

But why look at growing your range? Or indeed step into the ‘can craze’ for the first time? Well there are two major reasons which can bring canned beer to your fridge, with the first being that cans are more adept than bottles at protecting beer from oxygen and light, two of beer’s biggest foes. Also, canned beers are not only lighter and less likely to break than bottles, but cool quicker in the fridge, too. The smaller size also means that you can effectively ‘double up’ more than a regular bottle line can hold, meaning less trips to the cellar on those busy weekends.

There’s also a great variety out these days, which can easily rival your bottle selection. While it’s always great to have the likes of Heineken, Estrella Damm and Koppaberg available within cans, how about taking a look at some of the more world-wide expressions to make the change, including Beer Lao, the Asian expression that uses jasmine rice as its base. Or perhaps Tailgate Session from San Diego, an American IPA from the country that really kicked the craze off back in 2002. Brooklyn Lager is also a great American choice, whilst the British based BrewDog have maintained its edge with its standout packaging transferred to its cans.

It may look different on display, but if you conduct some savvy promotional activity, you too can be a part of one of the biggest trends to hit the drinks sector in the last few years. 

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