National Curry Week: Britain’s Love Affair with Spice

National Curry Week: Britain’s Love Affair with Spice

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Often called the national dish of Britain, curry has long been favoured across the UK. The first noted curry recipe in the UK was back in 1747 when cookery writer Hannah Glasse wrote a recipe for a chicken curry.


From Indian Shores to British Doors

During the 18th century, British trade merchants stationed in India and Bangladesh became fascinated by the spicy and unusual dishes of South Asia and brought these exotic dishes and recipes - and sometimes even chefs – home with them.

Bengali sailors later set up food businesses in ports and cities across Europe, including London, to cook for other sailors and the cities’ ever-growing Asian communities.

As Bengal was a part of the British Indian Empire, they soon advertised themselves as Indian cafés to tempt more customers. The first Indian curry house opened in London in 1810 and many more followed well into the 20th and 21st centuries.

By the 1990s, as many as 85% of Britain’s curry houses and Indian restaurants were owned by British Bangladeshi’s.


A New Wave of Indian Food on the Horizon

Indian food is undoubtedly one of the UK’s great success stories.

Where Indian restaurants have led, mainstream food service has followed and operators from pubs to schools have been eager to add curry dishes to their menus, drawing inspiration from Indian restaurants.

With the market diversifying, a new wave of Indian eateries is emerging; one of a casual, innovative, all-day, multi-regional, yet authentic dining experience coupled with a mix of recognisable and fusion dishes.


Bangla and Lal Toofan; A Perfect Pairing for Curry Dishes

National Curry Week (10th – 16th October) is upon us and an ideal opportunity to honour the nation’s favourite dish and ‘spice up’ your menu with a delicious curry.

Whether it’s nice and spicy or mild and fragrant, there’s no better partner for your menu selection than Bangla and Lal Toofan, heritage world lager brands that pack a lot of punch.



The temples of Dinajpur; the tea gardens of Sylhet; the rainforests of Sundarban – Bangladesh contains a wealth of exotic sights, cultures and culinary delights.

Inspired by this richness, Bangla premium lager beer is a stronger brew, purpose-made to complement strongly flavoured foods.

Bangla is a specially created beer, designed to complement Bangladeshi, Bengali and Indian Cuisine without masking the delicate flavours.

Brewed using only the finest ingredients, Bangla is the perfect partner to a wide range of curries; from the deep, earthy flavours of a Biryani or Tikka Masala through to the rich, spicy heat of a Madras or Hilsa Curry.  

Why not go all out and recreate some of Bangladesh’s most favourite foods to celebrate National Curry Week in style? 

Bangla also pairs perfectly with:

  • Chingri Malai
  • Dal
  • Panta Bhat
  • Shami Kebabs
  • Kosha Mangsho
  • Bhapa Chingri
  • Kala Bhuna
  • Sheek Kebabs


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Lal Toofan

In northwest India, in the deserts of Rajasthan, there are storms that colour the sky red, and it’s from these very storms that the cooling Lal Toofan gets its name.

Originally brewed in India near Mumbai, Lal Toofan means ‘red storm’ in Hindi. A beer that’s designed to cool the red storm, it’s a fantastic addition to any menu or restaurant serving hot dishes.

Specifically created to complement Asian, Indian, and Bangladeshi cuisine, Lal Toofan is available as a premium 4.3% ABV draught and as a more sessionable, 3.6% ABV pils draught. Brewed to provide a robust taste platform to soften the most warming of spices but remain delicate enough to augment the sophisticated texture of curry dishes.

A perfect match for traditional hot dishes such as:

  • Madras
  • Balti
  • Jalfrezi
  • Vindaloo
  • Phaal
  • Karahi



For a limited time, get a free keg of Lal Toofan (draught) after the initial purchase and a free keg after six weeks. New installs only.

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