LWC Named In Top 3 Influential Wholesalers In The UK

LWC Named In Top 3 Influential Wholesalers In The UK

LWC Drinks

LWC Drinks are thrilled to have been named one of the most influential alcohol wholesalers in the UK by Harpers Wine & Spirit.

Harpers have been providing valued insights, analyses and opinions on
the drinks industry for 140 years. To be recognised by a company with such a strong focus on wine has been a fantastic achievement for LWC, as we have been steadily strengthening our wine portfolio in recent years.

Their ranking of the Top 50 Wholesalers of 2018 focuses not just on the size of wholesale operations, but also on the dedication of the businesses in question to drive the industry forward. 

This year, LWC Drinks was placed in the top 3 alcohol wholesalers in the UK. This leading position represents our dedication to quality products, our expanding reach, and our focus on customer service.

With over 30 years of management experience, we at LWC Drinks understand what our customers require from a supplier because we deliver to our own group of 50 pubs. This understanding is central to our customer-service ethos and company philosophy: to provide the best service in the industry; not to sell brands on behalf of brand owners, but to buy on behalf of our customers.

The acquisition of H.T White,  Eastbourne Sussex has not only enabled us to develop our customer base and service in the south east but has also added significant value to the LWC group. The depth in their wine range and industry knowledge has really helped drive us forward as a force with which to be reckoned.

LWC’s strong customer growth and the overall stability of our business through this financial year have allowed us to maintain our position as “the largest independent wholesaler in the country” (Harpers, 2018) in 2018.


Read the full article at Harpers Wine and Spirit Directory.

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