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Some of you that have been with LWC for a while might have heard about the national promotion we have been running for the past 6 years, called Cask Club . As a natural progression, there had to be something LWC would do with Craft Beer as well. So from 1st of September we will be running a national quarterly promotion, that will include UK craft beers available nationally at a very competitive market price.  Each month you will have two keg craft beers available in all of our depots. As this is the first launch of the promotion, we kindly as you to express your interest to your local depot by pre ordering, as we would like to ensure every customer interested is catered for avoiding disappointment.

Now, we do understand that rotating kegs on your fonts isn't as easy as cask ales on the hand pumps, so taking that into consideration, all the beers in the promotion are with standard Sankey keg connectors and each month you'll have a beer with CO2 as a first choice gas and/or mixed gas as well. For the beers purchased on this promotion, a temporary font badge will be provided as well. Obviously, you will have to have a rotating font tap in your bar in order to utilise this promotion. However, if having a keg font installed is something you are interested in as a business, we can provide that as well. In LWC Craft on Draught Brochure, we do offer a  craft on draft font install (T&C's apply). But this promotion  isn't about that - it's about offering you and your customers the choice of guest beers in your bar. So, without further a due,  for our Autumn Quarterly promotion, the choices that we offer are:



Bad Co Pale Aura 3.8% Golden Ale 30ltr

CRAFT CLUB PRICE £76.99 // RSP £79.99  

Golden rich fruity ale with notes of mango, grapefruit and tropical fruits, bitter sweet with a pine and mango aroma.

See: Deep Gold   Smell: Ribes, Blackcurrant, Pine Resin Taste: Grapefruit, Citrus Notes, Crisp

Bitter: 4/5

Sweet: 2.5/5


Adnams Mosaic 4.1% Pale Ale 30ltr

CRAFT CLUB PRICE £76.99 // RSP £90.89

Bold hop Characteristics, including peach, mango, lemon and pine flavours and aromas. A blonde beer with a dry, hoppy finish and bags of mosaic personality. 

See: Very Light Gold  Smell: Mango, peach, lemon, pine  Taste: Mango, peach, lemon, pine

Bitter: 3/5

Sweet: 1.5/5



Saltaire Gold 4% Golden Ale 30ltr

CRAFT CLUB PRICE £76.99 // £78.99

Internationally award-winning keg beer. A deep gold coloured beer with a toasty, bready, malt flavour and rich spicy hop flavours of the Saaz hop.

See: Pale Gold  Smell: Spicy, Malty   Taste: Smooth, Creamy, Biscuit

Bitter: 2/5

Sweet: 3/5


Harvey's Wharf IPA 4% India Pale Ale 30ltr

CRAFT CLUB PRICE £76.99 // RSP £81.50

Brewed with new hop varieties to create a joyful out pouring of fresh flavours from the vine. Zesty and fragrant, this golden beer contains the very essence of Harvey's local hop gardens.

See: Light Amber   Smell: Floral   Palate: Citrus, hoppy bitterness

Bitter: 4/5

Sweet: 1/5



Bad Co Dark Necessities 5.5% Milk Stout 30ltr

CRAFT CLUB PRICE £76.99 // RSP £82.62

A milk stout with notes of coffee, chocolate, cherries and almonds with a long bitter sweet finish and creamy texture.

See: Mahogany  Smell: Roasted, Coffee, Smokey  Taste: Sweet, Molasses, Chocolate

Bitter: 3.5/5

Sweet: 4.5/5


Freedom Pale 4.2% Pale Ale 50ltr

CRAFT CLUB PRICE £117.99 // RSP £135.90

Brewed using Chinook and Cascade Hops from the US, along with Motueka and Rakau Hops from New Zealand. The New World Pale Ale has an abundant amount of citrus, hop flavours and a refreshing, balanced finish on the palate.

See: Pale gold   Smell: Fresh hop, citrus   Taste: Smooth, full, dry

Bitter: 3/5

Sweet: 2/5


To find out more information about our Craft Club promotion, please view the flyer here

For more information, please contact your local depot.



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