Increase Footfall with Football: How to Get Customers in the Door through Sporting Events

Increase Footfall with Football: How to Get Customers in the Door through Sporting Events

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The shouts, screams and echoes of ‘it’s coming home!’ from last summer may be all but a distant memory however with a whole new season of football and sports upon us – it’s the perfect time for operators to increase footfall…with football.

With football and other major sporting events being some of the biggest drivers of sales across the on-trade, here are a few ways to get your outlet ready for a season of sport.


Prepare in Advance

During summer, there are ample opportunities to increase footfall through outdoor seating areas or marquees. Consider installing outdoor TV screens or video walls to ensure that, even if your indoor seating fills up, there’ll be plenty of space outside for consumers to enjoy the sports in the sun.

Having a continuous flow of chilled drinks is also high on the agenda. Plan your extra stock well in advance. Have a look at any fixtures, plan out which ones are more likely to generate more customers, think about the most popular drinks (beer and cider seem to be most popular during events like football) and be prepared by getting more of this stock in.

Also, be sure to enquire about your drinks supplier deals in advance. Many offer deals and promotions in the run-up to sporting events such as price points, free kegs on install of specific draughts and multi-buy promotions.

Next, look at your equipment. Do you need more fridges to chill bottles? Consider investing in a back-of-house fridge if space allows ensuring you’ve got a steady supply of chilled stock ready to go during these busy periods.



In this digital age, it’s never been easier to advertise your outlet. Got a Facebook page? Be sure to post across your social media accounts highlighting any sporting events you’re showing as well as drinks promotions and events. Plus, if you have a Facebook Business account, for a small advertising budget you can promote your business locally to potential customers in the local area.

Also, consider ways to try and encourage passing trade. Be sure to invest in PoS and display items that can be used to advertise in and outside the outlet. Chalkboards updated regularly and placed outside can help with enticing passing trade whilst banners, posters and high-quality display PoS items can help to increase footfall and really get consumers hyped up for upcoming events.

Finally, why not contact your local media outlet to try and garner some free press? Contact your local newspaper and invite them along to your outlet to highlight all the fantastic work you’re doing to prepare for sporting events. This gives you an opportunity to showcase your preparations, your facilities and any sort of campaigns or promotions you’re doing for your customers.


Food and Drink Promotions

As many as 80% of customers who have had a drink whilst watching football in a pub have also purchased food so it’s a fantastic chance to upsell or offer promotions across your food and drink.

First and foremost, make sure you have all the necessary staffing around larger fixtures, especially if you’re serving food. Next, consider a bespoke food and drink menu specifically for these events such as a simplified dining menu; think burgers, hot dogs, pizzas and nachos. Alternatively, why not create a burger and beer offer?

With many consumers being fixated on the sport during the event, they won’t be as likely to rush to the bar for drinks whilst the match is on so consider creating some premium options such as multiple pint pitchers or premium beer buckets or bundles. This alleviates pressure on your staff at the bar and gives you the chance to premiumise your drinks offer.

Finally, don’t forget to offer alternatives such as wines, proseccos and no-and-low options to cater to those who opt for something other than beer or the designated drivers and non-drinkers.


Upcoming Sporting Events for your Calendar

  • 18th – UEFA Europa League Final
  • 28th May – UEFA Champions League Final

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