Sustainably Sourced Soft Drinks: Marlish Waters Switches all Productions to 100% Renewable Energy

Sustainably Sourced Soft Drinks: Marlish Waters Switches all Productions to 100% Renewable Energy

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Sustainable soft drinks brand Marlish Waters is moving all of its production to 100% renewable energy, after an infrastructure upgrade at its Marlish farm-based factory in Northumberland

In partnership with Go Low Carbon and Pozitive Energy, from the 1st of April all Marlish products will be produced using 100% solar, wind and biomass energy, approximately 15% of which is already being produced on Marlish Farm itself, via on-site solar panels.

Marking a significant step in the brand’s mission to eventually become carbon-neutral, the spring water and mixer producer has been producing its own solar energy on-site since 2015, but this latest upgrade will see all of its productions powered by renewable sources moving forward.

Joe Evans, Director, and Co-Founder of Marlish Waters commented: “We are absolutely thrilled to be able to announce that all Marlish products are now produced with 100% renewable energy – an ambition of ours since day one.

“Sustainability has aways been at the heart of everything we do at Marlish, right from the very beginning. When my cousin Elizabeth and I first discovered the quality of the spring water on our farm back in 2013, we took the decision to build the production factory on site, so that all our products could be produced and packaged at source, to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. And that was just the start. Our sustainable investments over the years have included on-site solar generation, the creation of a wildlife corridor, an extensive tree planting programme and the launch of the UK’s first canned-at-source spring water!

“With consumers demanding more transparency around brand’s sustainability policies, and actively seeking out brands that put sustainability at the top of their agenda, we know that we need to be doing everything we can, not just to protect our farm and the land around us, but also to tick the boxes of the ever-growing eco-conscious consumer.

“But our ultimate aim is to be a driving force for change in the environmental impact of consumables. If we can play even a small part in encouraging more people and businesses to ditch the plastic and switch to cans, or glass, or to simply consider the environmental footprint of the products they consume, then we’re well on our way.”

The last six months have also seen an upgrade to the factory production technology on the farm, with a significant investment being made in increasing capacity and efficiency. These upgrades mean that the facility now uses 50% less CO2 for its carbonated beverages - thanks to new filling technology from Krones UK - Low voltage LED lighting throughout the factory, an energy and consumable efficient cleaning system, and better temperature control.

With more products due to launch in the next few months, it is hoped that by making long-term investments in sustainable production today, Joe and Elizabeth are future proofing the business and the farm for many generations to come.

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