Take Part in LWC's Exclusive Digital Activation Campaign from Desperados!

Take Part in LWC's Exclusive Digital Activation Campaign from Desperados!

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Desperados are running an exclusive offer for LWC online ordering customers that will increase return of sale, footfall and customer dwell time in your outlet. This is a unique promotion that gives customers the opportunity to win Boomtown Festival tickets by playing an exclusive mobile game in your outlet.

Desperados have teamed up with Boomtown Festival to give away 100 tickets to customers in participating outlets. Once you receive your digital activation kit from Desperados you can start to encourage your customers to get involved. This offer will be available to LWC customers until April 14th so if you want to get involved you have to claim the offer before then!

How do you get Involved?

To claim this offer and become a participating outlet all you need to do is log into your LWC online ordering account, add one case of 24 x 330ml Desperados to your order, claim the offer and receive your digital activation pack from Heineken which will include everything you need to roll out the campaign in your outlet.

Receive your PoS Kit

Once the offer ends (14th April) Heineken will send out PoS kits to the qualifying outlets. The PoS kit includes; 4 x staff lanyards, 20 x A3 posters, 5 x strut cards, 3 x fridge vinyl and a managers brief. This kit will let you know what you need to do whilst also raising awareness of the campaign to your customers.

Social Media

Desperados will be running paid social media promotions on Facebook! This will direct customers directly to your outlet which will increase footfall and rate of sale of Desperados! Once a consumer clicks on the FB ad, they will unlock a few levels of the game but will have to buy a Desperados in your outlet to unlock further levels. This will also include a map showing consumers the route to your outlet where they can take part by buying a bottle of Desperados!

Customer Interaction

Once a customer buys a bottle of Desperados, the customer can scan the code on the staff lanyard that comes in your POS pack to unlock new levels of the game and giving them a better chance of winning Boomtown Festival tickets.

Old Mout Cider ran a similar campaign where they created a game in which consumers could unlock prizes through positive results in the game. This game got over 500,000 plays and over 30,000 total players. If you put those results alongside the Desperados campaign and the potential that could bring to your outlet is exciting and if you already stock Desperados it’s a no brainer!

Return of Sale

As the customer has to buy a bottle of desperados to give them a better chance of tickets through the game, it will mean you are able to drive RoS through incentivising purchase and will increase your sales of a premium product in your outlet.


Desperados aim to increase your outlet footfall by advertising the participating outlets on social media and encouraging consumers to visit that outlet to take part. This increased footfall could really benefit your business and gives you the chance to welcome new customers to your outlet that maybe wouldn’t visit prior to this campaign.

Dwell Time

Taking part in this campaign could really increase the customer dwell time in your outlet due to the addictive nature of the game that customer will be playing to win the tickets. Customers may spend another hour in your outlet and this could result in 1 or 2 more drinks purchased.

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